We transformed this business of software development and digital product geniuses into a distinctive, confident brand that is reflective of their industry-leading expertise, and in the process, equipped them with the tools and strategic guide rails to implement their ambitious plans to scale in 2021.

Our brand strategy process revealed the Orange Jellyfish team to be restless, innovative perfectionists who view software development almost as an artform. And so we developed a positioning that reflects not just this passion and skill, and the confidence that comes with it, but also their ambition to set industry admired standards and apply those to game changing digital projects, for startups and multinationals alike. We articulated the true essence of them, but also provided the differentiation they sought from their peers and competitors within their sector, and which in turn informed our creative direction.

We developed a bold, assured visual identity that is something different, almost audacious for the sector OJF operate in, providing a distinctness but without being overly ‘out there’.

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